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Thiết bị đo mức kiểu từ tính, Magnetic flap level gauge, Magnetic float level gauge Raylink UHZ-10

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  • Mã sản phẩm: UHZ-10
  • Thiết bị đo mức kiểu từ tính, Magnetic flap level gauge, Magnetic float level gauge Raylink UHZ-10

    Tình trạng sản phẩm:

    The side-mounted magnetic flap liquid level gauge produced by Suzhou Leining Automation Instrumentation Co., Ltd. is used in various environments such as low temperature to high temperature, vacuum to high pressure, etc. It is an ideal liquid level measurement product for petroleum, chemical and other industrial sectors. According to the different installation positions in the container, side loading and top loading are available. According to different working media, three materials are provided: stainless steel, ABS and PP-R engineering plastics, of which ABS and PP-R materials are suitable for corrosive media such as acid and alkali.
    The detailed information of the side-mounted magnetic flap level gauge:
    1. The float is used as the measuring element, and the magnetic steel drives the turning column display, no energy is required.
    2. Equipped with upper and lower limit switch output, it can realize remote alarm and limit control.
    3. Equipped with a transmitter to realize liquid level remote report indication, detection and control.
    Structure and working principle of side-mounted magnetic flap level gauge
    , basic
    buoyancy principle, lifting of the float with the level in the measuring tube and the upper and lower movement of the permanent magnet in the float through the coupling, the driving red, white turned column flipped 180 °, the column turned from the liquid level rises From white to red, from red to white when descending, so as to achieve liquid level indication.
    2. Electric remote transmission
    installs a transmitter on the float level gauge. The float moves up and down, and the measurement elements in the guide rod are sequentially operated by the magnetic coupling action to obtain the change of the resistance signal, which is converted into a standard of 0-10mA or 4-20mA The signal output is connected with the display instrument or computer to achieve the purpose of remote transmission.
    3. The upper and lower limit switch output
    is set by the user on the upper and lower limit positions of the level gauge. The controller is equipped with a self-retaining reed switch. The magnetic float is used to move the reed switch with the liquid level. At the time, realize the alarm or limit control.

    System composition and wiring
    1. The upper and lower limit switch outputs are
    composed of self-holding reed switches and converters. The reed switches and converters are installed in the field and the control room, respectively. The converter provides three pairs of contact switches.
    2. Electric remote transmission
    consists of two parts: measuring unit and transmission unit.
    3. Intrinsically safe explosion-proof
    a With intrinsically safe explosion-proof, the upper and lower limit switch output type
    explosion - proof switches are composed of reed switches and safety barriers with relay contacts, which can directly provide users with a pair of normally open or normally closed contacts. If users need more contacts, they can be specially designed and ordered. (Picture 3)
    b The intrinsically safe explosion-proof remote transmission type is
    suitable for Class ∏ electrical equipment (for factory use), Class C gas, and the highest surface temperature group T4 (135 ° C). (Figure 4)
    c Precautions for use
    ① The outer shell of the transmitter is provided with an external ground, and the user must be reliably grounded when using it.
    ② The use of safety barriers should comply with the relevant instructions.
    ③The connecting cable between the transmitter and the intrinsic safety end of the safety barrier is a two-core shielded cable, the core wire cross-sectional area is> 0.5m, and the allowable distributed capacitance of the cable is 0.8μF.
    User-supplied flange
    Installation form The main material Nominal diameter Nominal pressure D D1 D2 n d f b
    Side mounted stainless steel 20 4.0 105 75 56 4 14 2 16
    ABS 20 10 105 75 56 4 14 2 16
    Top loading stainless steel 200 2.5 360 310 274 12 26 3 32
    ABS 200 0.6 320 280 274 8 8 3 32
    Main Specifications
    Installation form content Side-mounted Top mounted
    Installation distance
    (measuring range)
    stainless steel 500 ~ 5000 (mm) 500-2500 (mm)
    ABS, PP-R 500 ~ 4000 (mm)
    Working pressure 0.6,1.6,2.5,4.0MPa 0.6,1.6,2.5MPa
    Medium density > 0.6g / c​ > 0.76g / c​
    Flange connection stainless steel Flange 20-40 (DN20 PN1.0-4.0)
    Flange 200-25 (DN200 PN1.6)
    ABS Flange 20-10 (DN20 PN1.0)
    Flange 200-6 (DN200 PN0.6)
    Main material ICr18Ni9Ti, ABS, PP-R (working pressure 0.6MPa)
    Medium temperature -40 ~ 100 ℃ (ABS, PP-R: -40 ~ 80 ℃)
    Ambient temperature -40 ~ + 70 ℃
    Indication error ± 100mm
    Medium viscosity ≤1st (10-4 ​/ s)
    Upper and lower limit
    switch output
    1. Control sensitivity: 10mm
    2. Output contact capacity: AC220V 2A
    3. Contact life: 5 × 104 times
    4. Explosion-proof characteristics: iaIICT4 intrinsically safe type
    Electric remote transmission,
    continuous display
    1. Accuracy: ± 1.5%
    2. Output load: 750Ω
    3. Output signal: 0 ~ 10mA output, 220V AC power supply
    4 ~ 20mA output, 24V DC two-wire system
    4. Explosion-proof characteristics: iaIICT4 intrinsically safe type
     Model Description
    UHZ magnetic column float level gauge
      1 Side-mounted
    2 Top-mounted
    Installation method
      1 1Cr18Ni9Ti
    2 ABS
    3 PP-R
    The main material
      1 0.6MPa
    2 1.6MPa
    3 2.5MPa
    4 4.0Mpa
    Nominal pressure
      1 Basic type
    2 With upper and lower limit switch output
    3 Live remote transmission (0 ~ 10mA output, 220V, AC)
    4 Live remote transmission (4 ~ 20mA output, 24V, DC)
    5 With intrinsically safe explosion-proof type (4 ~ 20mA, 24V, DC)
    6 with intrinsically safe explosion-proof upper and lower limit switch output
    Types of
      L installation distance (measuring range)  
      L1 installation depth (top-mounted (optional from 0 to 4000mm)  
      Medium density ρ (g / c ​)  
      2 2 1 1 = 2500mm L1 = 3000mm ρ = 0.8g / c​ Examples




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