Công tắc kéo dây, Pull switch LS-LX-S limit switch ZS7110SVD pull control switch travel switch pull rope switch
Mã sản phẩm: LS-LX-S
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The automatic reset is as follows:


Công tắc kéo dây, Pull switch LS-LX-Z limit switch ZS7110VDZ pull rope switch pull control switch limit switch
Mã sản phẩm: LS-LX-Z
Đăng ngày 10-01-2019 05:14:10 PM
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Manual reset as shown below:


Công tắc giật dây, công tắc giật dây dừng băng tải, Pull switch SPS-2D-FM two-way rope switch
Mã sản phẩm: SPS-2D-FM
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● The pull switch is a protection device that can stop the conveyor emergency when an accident occurs in the belt conveyor. 

● The pull switch is used for emergency stop of the belt conveyor. One end of the steel cable is fixed on a fixed bolt, and the other end is fixed on the switch arm. The distance from the switch to the fixed end is usually less than 34 meters. The distance between the two switches is usually not More than 48 meters (36 meters), there is a support bracket for every 3 meters of cable. The upward or downward force causes the boom to rotate to the alarm position, triggers the microswitch and locks until manual manual reset.

● The standard pull switch has IP65 protection and is suitable for indoor and outdoor installation. The surface can be used in acid, alkali and salt areas after special treatment.Shot blasting surfaces are used for highly corrosive areas.
■ Application range
● Conventional belt conveyor 

● Reciprocating conveyor 

● Plate feeder conveyor 

● Bucket elevator 

● Ship / handling system 

● Horizontal feeding system

■ Product Features
● Rugged cast aluminum casing and electrostatic anti-corrosion coating for installation in harsh industrial environments 

● Protection standard IP65 can also be used in harsh environments 

● Use high-performance micro switch for excellent durability 

● Can produce automatic reset products

■ Technical specifications
● Contact capacity: 2 SPDT 400V / 10A 

● Locking angle: 20°C 

● Operating tension: 5~8 Kg 

● Dimensions: 190 (L0 X 135(W) X 109(H)mm cable rod 
     length 203mm 

● Housing: NEMA-4 weatherproof, 2 screw holes 3/4" -14NPT 

● Ambient temperature: -20°C~ +80°C


Công tắc giật dây, công tắc giật dây dừng băng tải, HFKLT2-PI, HFKLT2-P-II bidirectional balance rope switch
Mã sản phẩm: HFKLT2-PI, HFKLT2-P-II
Đăng ngày 08-10-2018 03:15:06 PM
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  • I. Overview
       This machine is used for emergency stop when an accident occurs in the belt conveyor.                             
    Second, the working principle
       The switch is two-way touch type, one end is fixed on the pull rope bolt, the other end is fixed on the switch arm, the switch is fixed to a fixed point distance of no more than 25 meters, and the distance between the switches is not more than 30 meters. When the external force causes the switch arm to rotate to the alarm (stop At the position, the micro switch operates.
    Third, the structural characteristics
    ●The switch is a closed, anti-corrosion cast aluminum casing with protection class IP65 . It can be used for a long time under the harsh working environment.
    ●Universal mounting design allows the cable switch to be mounted either on the top of the conveyor stringer or on both sides.
    ●Integral cover plate, so that the switch can be adjusted and maintained without removing the pole.
    ●The imported components are used in the machine, the contact capacity is large, the action is sensitive and reliable.
    Fourth, technical parameters
    Environmental conditions Ambient temperature: -30°C—+75°C Relative temperature: no more than 85%
    Angle of action 30°
    Limit angle 60°
    Operating force (kg) 10
    Contact rating Two normally open, two normally closed
    Contact rating AC380V 5A
    Reset mode Type I automatic reset, type II manual reset
    reliability >10 times
    Weight (kg) 2.5

Công tắc giật dây, công tắc giật dây dừng băng tải, Two-way rope switch , HFKLT2-I HFKLT2-II HFKLT2-III
Mã sản phẩm: HFKLT2-I, HFKLT2-II
Đăng ngày 18-04-2018 04:34:33 PM
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 I. Overview

When an emergency occurs on the belt conveyor, the local switch is activated and the machine is immediately shut down to prevent the accident from expanding. Due to the convenient installation and reliable switch installation, this machine has been widely used in the belt transport airport.
Third, technical participation
1, using environmental conditions
  a Ambient temperature -30~+50oC
  b Relative temperature is not more than 85
2, the main parameters are shown in the table below
Angle of action Limit angle Operating force (kg) Number of contacts Contact rating Reset mode reliability Weight (KG)
Normally open Normally closed
KLT2-I type 30o 60o 10 1 1 AC380V automatic >10 sixth power 3
KLT2-II type 30o 60o 10 1 1 Manual 3.5
Fourth, structural characteristics
1. This machine adopts aluminum alloy precision die-casting shell, high strength and light weight;
2, the enclosure has a large IP65 protection level and can work in harsh environments;
3, the machine uses the inlet to form the switch, the contact capacity is large, the action is sensitive, reliable, and the structure is shown in Figure 1.
Five, working principle
When an emergency occurs on the belt conveyor, the wire rope attached to the swing arm can be pulled, the swing arm rotates, and the inner cam is driven to close the drive stroke switch, and a stop signal occurs.
After the fault is removed, the limit lever can be pushed to reset.
Six, installation adjustment
This machine is generally installed on the racks on both sides of the belt conveyor;
1. Fix the rope switch to the bracket and then solder it to the frame;
2, the distance between the two machines is 25-30m, and the wire rope with the diameter of φ4 is connected, and the tightness should be moderate;
3, in order to influence the self-weight of the small wire rope on the start of the switch, weld a bracket on the frame every 3m, a support wire rope;
4, the user can make the installation bracket, or order it from our factory.
Seven, wiring method
The machine is equipped with a 3-core rubber cable at the factory, and the cable is equipped with a wire number. Refer to Figure 3 for wiring.
Eight, the user must know
Users can order the support ring, adjusting bolt or purchasing wire rope made by our factory.
Nine: in line with national implementation standards: GB12476.1-1990

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