Công tắc lệck băng-deviation switch, ROS-2D-FM anti-belt deviation switch
Mã sản phẩm: ROS-2D-FM
Đăng ngày 10-01-2019 05:08:19 AM
Giá bán: Liên hệ

● Anti-bias switch is a sensing component that detects the deviation of conveyor belt. It can send out signals according to the deviation of the belt to realize automatic alarm and stop, prevent belt damage and continue to deviate.
● When the belt is deflected, the belt pushes the arm to deflect, triggers the micro switch to act, and sends an alarm signal. If you continue to deviate to the set stop position and touch another set of contacts, the conveyor will stop mechanically.
● The anti-bias switch is usually installed 0.3-2m away from the head or tail of the conveyor. It is usually installed in pairs on both sides of the conveyor. It can be fixed at the top or bottom of the longitudinal beam of the conveyor. The distance between the action bar and the edge of the belt is about 25 ~75mm.

● The universal structural design can be mounted on the top or bottom of the conveyor stringer. ● Sturdy cast aluminum housing, protection standard IP65 ● Integrated cover, easy to connect and adjust ● Can be removed without removing the action rod Housing ● Action rod bearing rated speed 5000 rpm, suitable for belt speed up to 6.35 m / s ● Action rod normal angle adjustment range is ± 22.5 degrees ● Actuating rod can be moved in both directions, easy to install symmetrically on both sides of the conveyor ● The standard of the anti-bias switch is set to 10 degrees when the normal angle is 10 degrees, the technical specifications of the stop contact action when the normal angle is 20 degrees ● Contact capacity: 2 SPDT 400V / 10A ● Locking angle: 1 10°C, 2nd level 30°C● Operating tension: 5-8 Kg ● Dimensions: 190 (L0 X 135(W) X 109(H)mm Pull rod length 389 mm ● Housing: NEMA-4 weatherproof, 2 Screw hole 3/4" -14NPT ● Ambient temperature: -20°C~ +80°C


Công tắc lệck băng-deviation switch KPT1, KPT1-12-30 20-35 10-45 20-30
Mã sản phẩm: KPT1-12-30 20-35 10-45 20-30
Đăng ngày 04-05-2018 06:04:44 AM
Giá bán: Liên hệ

Chi tiết mặt hàng

  • Model:KPT1-12-30
  • Rated voltage:380V (V)
  • Over travel:standard
  • Working stroke:standard
  • Rated current:5A (A)
  • structure type:Other
  • switch type:Other
  • Application scope:Metallurgy, electric power, coal and rock, mining 
TB20L7sghBmpuFjSZFDXXXD8pXa !!703119512TB24uwSapXXXXXpXpXXXXXXXXXX 1106739091

công tắc chống lệch băng, belt deviation switch, HFKPT1-12-30, KPT1-12-30 20-35 10-45 20-30
Mã sản phẩm: HFKPT1-12-30, KPT1-12-30
Đăng ngày 18-04-2018 05:35:40 AM
Giá bán: Liên hệ

Environmental conditions:
a. Ambient temperature: -40°C~60°C  
b. Relative humidity is not more than 85% 
c. Altitude is not more than 2000m 
d. Service life: 100,000 switching actions 
e. Insulation voltage: AC1000 test 1 minute 
f. Contact capacity: ≤AC380 ≤3A 
g. Protection level: IP65 

model Force Number of contacts Switching action angle
Normally open Normally closed First level Secondary Extreme angle
HFKPT1-12-30 20~70N 2 2 12° 30° 70°
HFKPT1-10-45 20~70N 2 2 10° 45° 70°
HFKPT1-20-35 20~60N 2 2 20° 35° 75°
KPT1-12-30 20~70N 2 2 12° 30° 70°
KPT1-10-45 20~70N 2 2 10° 45° 70°
KPT1-20-35 20~60N 2 2 20° 35° 75°

TB20L7sghBmpuFjSZFDXXXD8pXa !!703119512TB24uwSapXXXXXpXpXXXXXXXXXX 1106739091

working principle
When the running tape is deviated, the edge of the tape drives the stick to rotate and squeeze to tilt it. If the tilt angle of the stick is greater than the first-level action angle, the switch sends a set of switch signals, such as the stick continues to tilt more than two. At the level of the action angle, another set of switching signals is output. The two sets of switch signals can be used for alarm or stop respectively. After the belt machine is reset and normal operation, the stick is automatically reset.
Structural characteristics High precision and light weight with aluminum alloy precision die-cast housing
The switch adopts the imported travel switch, which has large contact capacity, sensitive action and long service life.
Good sealing, dustproof, shockproof, anti-corrosion, etc.
Protection level : IP67 , can work in a harsh environment for a long time.
Technical indicators Ambient temperature: -30 ° C -- +50 ° C ; Relative humidity: no more than 85%
The first action angle is 12° ( 15° ); the second action angle is 30° ( 35° ); the limit angle is 70°
Number and capacity of contacts: 2 groups normally open; 2groups normally closed; 5A/AC 380V
Protection level: IP65
Reset mode: automatic reset
Reliability >1000000 times
Applicable place This machine is used in places such as rubber belts and other accidents that require emergency shutdown.

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