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công tắc giật dây dừng băng tải, vỏ thép , phòng nổ, Explosion-proof stainless steel two-way pull rope switch HFKLT2 KLT2-II EXKLT2

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  • Mã sản phẩm: HFKLT2 KLT2-II EXKLT2
    • Introduction
      ● Two-way rope switch is a protective device that can stop the conveyor in an emergency when an accident occurs on the belt conveyor.
      ● The two-way rope switch is installed on both sides of the belt conveyor. Wire switches are used to connect the switches along the two sides of the conveyor. The isolation between the two switches should not exceed 40 meters. Emergency situation of the machine can stop the conveyor in any position.
      ● The use of a two-way pull rope switch can prevent expensive conveyor belts from being damaged to prevent further industrial accidents and injuries.
      ● The two-way pull rope switch is an indispensable protection device in the safe operation transportation system. It is widely used in steel plants, thermal power plants, cement plants, chemical plants, ports, etc.


    Tình trạng sản phẩm:

    • EXKLT2 BKLT2

    • ■ Product Features
      ● The sturdy cast aluminum casing and electrostatic anti-corrosion coating are suitable for installation in harsh industrial and mining environments.
      ● Protection standard IP65 can also be used in harsh environments.
      ● High-performance micro-switches and maintenance-free copper tube technology are used for excellent durability.
      ● Can produce automatic reset type products.
      ■ Technical Specifications
      ● Contact capacity: 2 SPDT 400VAC 10A
      ● Action angle: 20 °
      ● Cable operating tension: 49 ± 10N (5 ± 1kgf)
      ● Protection level: IP65
      ● Ambient temperature: -20 ℃ ~ + 80 ℃
       ● Cable entry: M20 * 1.5
      ■ Application
       ● Conventional belt conveyors, including flat belt conveyors and trough belt conveyors
       ● Underground and ropeway support belt conveyor
       ● Ship loading and unloading system, stacking and reclaiming conveyor




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