Hộp điều khiển cần cẩu, Crane linkage console THQ1-211/47, 112/26, 013/12, 211/63
Mã sản phẩm: THQ1-211/47, 112/26, 013/12, 211/63
Đăng ngày 29-01-2019 12:23:13 PM
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  • Scope of application
    THQ1 series linkage console (hereinafter referred to as linkage table) is suitable for AC starting in electric power lines or control lines with AC 50HZ voltage below 380V and DC voltage below 220V, in motor equipment for control of lifting and transporting machinery and similar conditions. Speed ​​regulation, braking and reversing. 
    The linkage station is suitable for use in the following environments:
    • The ambient air temperature does not exceed +40 ° C, and the average temperature in the surroundings of 24 hours does not exceed 35 ° C, and the lower limit of the ambient temperature is -5 ° C.
    • The altitude does not exceed 2000 meters.
    • The installation site is air clean, the average maximum relative humidity of the wettest month does not exceed 90%, and the average minimum temperature of the month does not exceed +25 °C, allowing condensation to occur on the surface of the product due to temperature changes.
    • The pollution level is level 3.
    • The installation category is Class III.
  • Structure overviewThe THQ1 series linkage console consists of a protective left and right control box, a movable seat and a foot switch. The right box is equipped with an emergency switch, the left box is equipped with an electric lock, start button and indicator light, or other components. 
    The contact sets used in the linkage table are available in four specifications: DC 10 A, AC 10 A, 25 A, and 60 A. 
    The joystick is spherical. In order to avoid malfunction of the operating mechanism due to crane vibration and accidental collision, the handle has a zero-position self-locking device. The handle consists of upper and lower hemispheres. When the lower hemisphere is lifted, the handle can be moved away from the zero position and the mechanism can be operated. When the handle leaves the zero position, the lower hemisphere can be released and the operation continues. If you often use the reverse brake to stop and feel the inconvenience, you can lift the lower hemisphere of the handle and rotate it clockwise to fix the lower hemisphere in the lifting position, so that the zero self-locking device does not work. The rear handle of the six mechanisms has a zero-position self-locking device. 
    The mechanical transmission part is installed in the cover of the upper part of the box body, and the transmission mechanism is divided into a single handle linkage operation mechanism, a grab double handle manipulation mechanism, a main payment hook double handle operation mechanism, a single handle manipulation mechanism and a single handle horizontal manipulation mechanism. The movement of the handle is to drive the camshaft with a spur gear. The camshaft of the controller is vertically arranged, and all the pivot points of the transmission part are rolled bearings to reduce power loss. 
    The ratchet is made of 3 mm thick steel plate and is treated to obtain higher wear resistance. There are six positioning holes on the ratchet, and the positioning screws are inserted into the holes with different positions to determine the number of gears of the joystick. In the range of six left and right, the number of gears can be arbitrarily selected. The positioning ratchet spring force can be adjusted, so that the ratchet spring force can be adjusted to make the handle operating force within the permissible range according to the specific situation and under the premise of clear binning. 
    The cam is a black phenolic injection material, and its structure is a plug-in type, which not only ensures the assembly position is accurate, but also can easily remove any cam when the contact separation procedure is to be changed, and it is not necessary to dismantle the entire product. 
    There are two types of contact group structure: 10A and 25A contact groups have the same structure except for the silver contact diameter. The 60-ample contact set is another structural form. Due to the different mounting dimensions of the two structures, there are different mounting brackets. Among them, the 10A contact group can be embedded with magnetic steel under the silver point for the DC control loop.
    The cabinet is made of 2 mm steel plate and can be opened around for wiring and maintenance. The transmission mechanism and contact system can be taken out from the cabinet together. 
    The seat foot is not fixed and can be moved freely. The seat can be adjusted up and down, and the left and right can be turned. The backrest can be comfortably placed on the back of the human body and can be tilted forward and backward with the human body. 
    The foot switch is dustproof and has a LX3~11K stroke switch for AC 380V, DC 220V, and rated heating current of 6A. The number of contacts is one for the resident mechanism and one for the normally closed. The foot switch is suitable for controlling the audio device. 
    When wiring and repairing the foot switch, first press the foot switch from the side pin, remove the step cover and then remove the screw to open the cover.
  • Technical data THQ1 series crane console / linkage consoleHandle operating force: 10 amp control mechanism is no more than 3 kg, 25 amp, 60 amp control mechanism is no more than 4 kg. 
    The maximum control gear: six left and right; the maximum number of control loops: 17. 
    The electrical performance of the 10A contact group is in line with the technical standards of the main controller. The electrical conditions of the 25A and 60A contact sets are in line with the technical standards of the cam controller and the corresponding control capacity. That is, the 25-amp contact group can directly control the wound motor of 7.5 kW and below. The 60-A contact set can directly control a wound motor of 22 kW and below. 
    The linkage table can determine the handle position and the contact separation procedure of the corresponding mechanism according to the requirements of the user unit. 
    The common specifications of the linkage table are shown in Table 1. See Table 2 for the contact element separation procedure. The linkage station generally has an appropriate number of spare contact sets. 

Hộp điều khiển cần cẩu, Crane linkage console QT1B-003/112, TQ1-003/112
Mã sản phẩm: QT1B-003/112, TQ1-003/112
Đăng ngày 29-01-2019 12:20:44 PM
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  1. Use and model meaning
  2.     QT1B-□□□/□-□ series crane console, mainly used for AC 50HZ rated voltage 380V and below and DC voltage 220V and below main circuit and control circuit, control hoisting transport machinery and similar conditions of electrical control equipment Motor starting, speed regulation, braking and commutation. 
    The meaning of the model and representative is as follows:
  3. classification
    2.1, according to the combination of controllers: 
    according to the number of controllers; full cam console; hybrid console; 
    2.2, according to the number of controllers: two controller console; three controller console; Four controller console; five controller console; six controller console; 
    2.3, fixed way: fixed console; rotary console. The rotary console is more widely used in applications such as gantry cranes.
  4. Structural features and principle of action
        The console is mainly composed of left and right control boxes, seats and bases. The control box has four specifications and six mechanisms (four controllers can hold four controllers, and six cabinets can hold six controllers). The height of the seat and the inclination of the backrest can be adjusted freely, and can be folded and turned to make the road clear. The left and right control boxes and seats are screwed on the base or directly mounted on the chassis of the cab, which can be removed. Easy to overhaul. 
        Each contact group of the controller in the console adopts double breakpoint contacts, and has a good arc extinguishing device. Each contact group is combined in the form of plug-in rhyme, and the arrangement is reasonable, so that the lead wires, wiring and maintenance are better. 
        The operation of the console is driven by two sets of gears by the joystick, so that the two controllers can be driven and driven simultaneously. The outlet of the handle is equipped with a dust-proof sealing device. The operating positions of the front, rear, left and right, and lifting can be divided into 1-6 gears according to the actual use requirements. The maximum number of contacts is 23, and the additional components of the upper cover of the box are installed. For various signal systems for controlling other movements of the crane. 
        The console handle operation is flexible, reliable, and the positioning is obviously accurate, and has a zero-position self-locking device. The self-locking function of the zero-seven-bit position has two functions, that is, the self-locking lever can be lifted to operate normally; After the handle is rotated by 15°, it will remain free from self-locking, and then resume self-locking after recovery to ensure safe driving or parking. 
        The rotary console uses a rotating device, and the rectification order console is operated with the foot in the range of 120° (ie, 60° left and right), and the corner is arbitrarily left to ensure that the operator has direct line of sight and no dead angle.

Bộ ngắt chân không, Vacuum switch tube TJC-6KV.7.2KV.10KV.12KV /160A 250A 400A
Mã sản phẩm: TJC-6KV.7.2KV.10KV.12KV /160A 250A 400A
Đăng ngày 19-01-2019 07:03:34 PM
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Vacuum Contactors 3TL6
Mã sản phẩm: 3TL6
Đăng ngày 27-04-2018 11:05:02 AM
Giá bán: Liên hệ

Type 3TL61  
Rated voltage 7.2 kV  
Rated frequency 50/60 Hz  
Rated normal current 450 A  
Rated making current* 4500 A  
Rated breaking current* 3600 A  
Mechanical service life
of the contractor*
3 million
operating cycles
Electrical service life
of the vacuum interrupter
(rated current)*
1 million 
operating cycles
* Switching capacity according to utilization category AC-4


Bộ ngắt chân không, vacuum switch tube ZKTJ-160A.250A.400A.630A/7.2KV
Mã sản phẩm: ZKTJ-160A.250A.400A.630A/7.2KV
Đăng ngày 27-04-2018 10:23:21 AM
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ZKTJ-160A.250A.400A.630A/7.2KV vacuum switch tube vacuum interrupter  Our company is a manufacturer specializing in the production of high and low voltage vacuum AC contactor vacuum circuit breaker. Pictures may be non-physical pictures, please forgive customers if there is any What problems can be contacted 15314800537 or Want Want contact us high and low voltage vacuum AC contactor CKJ CKJ3 CKJ5 CKJ7 CKJ10 CKJ13 CKJ20 CKJP CKG CKG3 CKG4 CKG5 JCZ JCZ3 JCZ5 JCZ6 JCZ7 JCZ8 JCZ9 JCZ10 and indoor and outdoor high and low voltage vacuum circuit breaker high voltage disconnector 

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