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    • WTZK-02 / 03 type temperature controller (BWY-02 / 03 type temperature controller), suitable for measuring transformer oil temperature or other liquid, gas and vapor temperature, and can reach and exceed the set value at the measured temperature A contact signal is issued at any time. This instrument is mainly used for the measurement and control of transformer oil temperature above 500KVA. The main structure of the controller is composed of a temperature-cap (temperature-sensing probe) capillary and an elastic element. The sealed system composed of these three parts is filled with a temperature-sensing medium. When the measured temperature changes, the liquid pressure in the temperature bag changes with the transmission of the capillary to make the elastic element of the meter correspond Displacement. This displacement can indicate the measured temperature after mechanical amplification, and drive the micro switch to output the signal. 

    Tình trạng sản phẩm:

    Second, the main technical parameters

    1. Measuring range: 0 ~ 100 ℃

    2. Indication: 1.5

    3. Switching characteristics

    (1) Switch setting accuracy: ± 3 ℃

    (2) Switching difference: 6 ± 2 ℃

    (3) Switch rated load: AC220V, 1.5A

    4. Temperature package size: ф14 × 150

    5. Installation temperature package: external thread M27 × 2

    6. Meter head installation size: 3 holes ф6 144 × 210

    7. The standard setting value of the switch when the instrument leaves the factory: the upper limit is 55 ° C and the second upper limit is 80 ° C

    If the user needs to adjust the switch setting value, open the cover, turn the knob on the dial to set the needle, and close the cover as it is. 

     Installation and use 

    1. Temperature setting: Open the meter cover and turn the knob to set the needle (usually no need to set).

    2. Wiring: Open the meter cover, pass the cable through the lead contact, and connect it as shown in Figure 2. The cable is recommended to use KW4 × 1.5 control cable.

    Tighten the nuts at the lead joints after wiring, and do not loosen them. The cover is closed as it is, and the four screws are evenly tightened.

    Before the thermostat meter head is installed, the installation wiring and the switch setting should be completed. 





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