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    • I. Overview: XTRM temperature remote transmission monitor adopts advanced microprocessor for intelligent control, suitable for display control of temperature, humidity, pressure, liquid level, instantaneous flow, speed and other physical quantity detection signals. Measure the signal. And can perform a high-precision linear correction on a variety of non-linear input signals. Intelligent digital control, the range can be set freely. There are two types of control output: each cycle alarm output / remote transmission output; after multiple comparisons, the highest measurement point is used as the output (remote transmission output). The input / output circuits are optically isolated and have good anti-interference ability. With high-brightness LED digital display, pointer meter display. The whole machine adopts a wall-mounted structure (length × width × height = 160 × 110 × 70mm), which is very easy to install. This product can measure 2 to 4 measurement points at the same time, and after comparing the temperature in each temperature measurement circuit, take one point of the highest temperature as the output, and you can watch the temperature of each point one by one at the scene by pressing the button.


    Tình trạng sản phẩm:

    Main technical performance:

    input signal Measuring channels 1 to 4 patrol measurement
    analog thermocouples: standard thermocouples-B, S, K, E, J, T, WRe and other
    resistances: standard thermal resistances-Pt100, Cu50, Cu100, remote pressure resistance- -30 ~ 350Ω and other
    electric current: 0 ~ 10mA, 4 ~ 20mA, etc. (input resistance≤250Ω)
    Voltage: 0 ~ 5V, 1 ~ 5V, mV, etc. (input impedance≥250KΩ)
    output signal Analog output DC 4 ~ 20mA (load resistance ≤500Ω) DC 0 ~ 10mA (load resistance ≤750Ω)
    DC 0 ~ 5V (output resistance ≤250Ω) DC 1 ~ 5V (output resistance ≤250Ω)
    characteristic Digital display of measurement accuracy: ± 0.2% FS or ± 0.5% FS; pointer display: ± 2.5% FS
    resolution digital display: ± 1 word
    display range digital display: -1999 ~ 9999; pointer display: 0 ~ 100 ~ 150 ( (Or special requirements)
    display mode 0.8-inch high-brightness LED dual digital display light-emitting diode working status display 1 to 4 measurement channel number display
    channel and lock function display
    temperature compensation 0 to 50 ° C automatic temperature compensation
    parameter setting panel touch button digital setting Parameter setting value is permanently saved after power off. Password setting
    protection mode is locked . Power supply is under voltage. Automatic reset is abnormal. Automatic reset.
    Use environment Ambient temperature -25 ℃ ~ 80 ℃
    Relative humidity ≤90% RH Avoid strong corrosive gas
    Power supply voltage Normal type · AC 220V% (50Hz ± 2Hz, linear power supply)
    Special type · AC 90 ~ 265V (switching power supply) · DC 24V ± 2V
    Third, product use:
    1. Rotary Mito wheel oil temperature
    2. Dense pinion oil tank oil temperature
    3. Raw material import and export bearing temperature
    4. Coal dust collector ash bucket temperature
    5. Coal powder box temperature
    6. Raw meal grinding Main motor winding temperature
    7, raw material grinding main motor bearing temperature
    8, raw material exhaust
    fan motor stator temperature 9, high temperature fan winding temperature
    10, high temperature fan bearing temperature 
    Fourth, the selection table:


    Selection table of XTRM temperature remote transmission monitor
    model Type spectrum Description
    XTRM- □□ Multi-channel intelligent patrol remote controller (two-wire DC24V power supply)
    Number of circuits         1 to 4
    Display method   1       Pointer meter (discontinued)
      2       LED digital display
    Measuring range     10     0 to 100 ° C
        15     0 to 150 ° C
    shell       A   Aluminum alloy
          P   plastic
    Input and output isolation         G isolation



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