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1 Current transformer for AKH-0.66S system monitoring

1.1 Product features
       AKH-0.66S series dual-winding current transformer has two secondary windings, one (1S1, 1S2) is used for ammeter indication, the rated current is AC 5A or AC 1A, and the second (2S1, 2S2) is used for remote telemetry , Can be used with ARTU-M32 telemetry unit or ARD3 motor protector, the rated current is AC 20mA; the linearity of the dual-winding current transformer can be up to 8 times, and when the current is 8 times, the double-winding current transformer can also be guaranteed The error is 0.2-0.5%, so it can be used for motor protection circuit.
      The shell structure of the product adopts a flip structure. The shell is made of flame-retardant and temperature-resistant 120 ℃ PC material. The iron core is made of cold-rolled silicon steel tape. The secondary conductor is made of high-strength electromagnetic enameled wire. The product structure is novel and beautiful. Easy to install. The product has the characteristics of small size, light weight, high accuracy and large capacity.
1.2 Model description

1.3 Dimensions (mm)

1.4 Comparison table of specifications

2 Current sensor for AKH-0.66 / SM automatic control instrument (dual winding current sensor)
2.1 Product features
      AKH-0.66SM dual-winding current sensor can have two outputs, one (1S1, 1S2) output AC0-5A or 0-1A, used in conjunction with measurement and metering devices; the second (2S1 +, 2S2-) output DC4- 20mA, used in conjunction with automatic control instruments (such as PLC), where the auxiliary power supply DC24V is powered by the PLC.
2.2 Specifications and dimensions (mm)

2.3 Specification parameter comparison table






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