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Cảm biến lưu lượng, công tắc dòng chảy, Flow switch Flow detector LL-I, LL-II, LL-III, LL-A

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  • Mã sản phẩm: LL-I, LL-II, LL-III, LL-A

    • Working principle :
      The main difference between a rotary detector and a proximity switch is that it has a delay circuit inside. It can be different from a passive axis. The main difference between a rotary detector and a proximity switch is that it has a delay circuit. It can adjust the internal speed according to the different speeds of the passive axis. The delay time is reached to protect the equipment from jamming. The rotation detector is installed on the passive shaft. As shown in Figure 1, he uses the detection piece installed on the driven shaft to use the principle of electromagnetic induction to give a speed switch pulse signal (when the detection piece It is a pulse when turning to a distance of 4-8 millimeters from the speed switch . Take Figure 1 as an example: when the power is turned on, the speed switch makes the relay pull-in delay for a set number of seconds through a series of relays. The passive axis of the device rotates once Need to give two pulses to the speed switch. If the speed switch is set to 8 seconds, the device rotates one revolution for less than 8 seconds, the speed switch does not operate through the serially connected relays (relays stay on), and when the device rotates for more than 8 seconds, The speed switch believes that a stall has occurred. The relay is tripped ( relay de-energized ) through a series of relays to protect the equipment.

    Tình trạng sản phẩm:

    • Features:
      ● Non-contact, no moving parts, no wear, long safety life, low maintenance costs, suitable for harsh environments. 
      ● Integrated structure, no setup, no debugging, easy installation. 
      ● Small size, light weight and long life 
      ● With load short-circuit protection function - connecting the rotary detector to the power supply by mistake will not damage the rotary detector. Not more than 1 minute ) 
      ● The output signal can be used in interlocking with field equipment or sent to the DCS control system 
      ● Equipped with status indicator. When the device is running normally, the indicator light is “blinking”; when the device is stopped, the indicator light is “always on”. 
      Technical Specifications:

      This machine is used to detect the material conveyed by the belt conveyor, and it can send the signal of load operation. If the sprinkler is connected, it can realize automatic sprinkler function on the material. This device can also be applied to a belt conveyor running in the opposite direction. The detector has a good protective measures, suitable for a variety of environments, particularly in coastal areas, docks, power plants, water used in cement plants, mines and other occasions a more reliable stream of good quality detector.
      Scope of application:
          It is used to detect the material conveyed by the belt conveyor, and it can send the load signal. If it is connected with a sprinkler, it can realize automatic sprinkler function on the material. The present apparatus is set is also applicable to two-way tape machine operation. The LL-I material flow detector adopts on-load detection. The tape sinks after the tape is loaded during operation. The detection contact wheel installed under the tape is pressed and the switch is activated by lever transmission to output a set of switching signals.
      working principle:
         The detection device uses load-type detection. When there is material on the tape, the belt has a corresponding amount of sinking due to the weight of the material. When the belt sinks, the roller on the top of the detector is pressed down, which drives the internal sensing components to move closer. The switch works and gives a switch value to achieve its detection. Detector is mounted in the tape at the upstream surface, where the sink is selected larger than the tape material has, between the two rollers good, not mounted in the vicinity of the discharge port. Keep the contact wheel in contact with the tape when there is no material .
      Technical Parameters:
      Working temperature: -30 ℃ ~ + 75 ℃
      Relative humidity: not more than 85%
      Contact capacity: AC 5A / 380V
      Protection level: IP55
      Reliability: 10 ^ 6 times;
      1.Good vibration resistance;
      2. It has better water resistance.
      3.LL-ⅡI type is suitable for conveyor belt detection with narrow tape and slow belt speed
      4. Cast aluminum housing, light weight and high hardness.
      5. The use of a travel switch has a long service life.
      Installation and use:
      1. Installed on the lower surface of the ascending belt 25 meters away from the blanking opening;
      2. Install under the tape and sink the amount;
      3. At full load, the tape keeps in contact with the contact wheel;
      4. Regularly remove the dust and keep the touch wheel flexible.





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