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Bộ chuyển đổi tin hiệu PROVIBTECH TM0182-A50-B00-C00/TM0182-A50-B01-C00

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  • TM0182 series eddy current sensor front device


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    TM0182 series eddy current sensor front device




    Eddy current sensors are mainly used to measure the static and dynamic distance between the probe and the measured object. The measured object is generally ferrite, and the alternating electromagnetic field of the probe is absorbed by the ferrite, and the electronic circuit of the sensor processes the change amount by induction, thereby obtaining the displacement value of the measured object. 


    Radial vibration measurement: It can indicate the working condition of the bearing and can detect mechanical faults such as rotor imbalance, misalignment and shaft cracks.


    Axial position measurement: It can indicate wear of the thrust bearing or potential bearing failure and also measures axial vibration using the same eddy current probe.


    Troubleshooting: Plot fault diagnostic information in polar and Bode plots. In vector monitors, amplitude and phase information is also required.


    Eccentricity: For large and small turbomachinery, when starting, it is necessary to measure the bending of the shaft, that is, the eccentricity.


    Key phaser signal: It is used to measure the rotational speed and phase angle of the shaft. The phase angle of shaft vibration can be used for monitoring and fault diagnosis.


     front end


    The pre-processor, using large-scale integrated circuit technology, makes the precision of the system higher than that of the previous ones. The front end is completely insulated from the ground. It eliminates the preamp insulation that was used in older systems. There are two cable lengths to choose from between the probe and the preamp: 5m cable system and 9m cable system.




    System parameters


    Electrical indicators


    powered by:


    Voltage: -23~-30VDC


    Current: < 12mA


    Linear range:


    2mm (80mils). Start at approximately 0.25mm (10mils) from the probe surface and end at 2.25mm (90mils) (AISI4140 steel). The range is 0.25 to 2.25mm (10 to 90 mils)




    8.0 mV/μm (200mV/mil)


    Temperature Sensitivity:


    The probe and the attached 5m long cable are between -35°C and +120°C, and the deviation is ±0.3%/°C at the midpoint of the linear range. At 2.25mm, the deviation is ±0.5%/℃.


    Linearity error (deviation from straight line):


    Within ±0.0254mm (±1.0 mil) of the straight line, if calibrated for the entire system, including the interchangeability error, it is ±0.038mm (±1.5mil).


    Frequency response:




    The minimum diameter of the measured object: 15mm (0.6 inch).




    Environmental indicators:


    Front end temperature:


    Operating temperature: -40 o C~+80 o C


    Storage temperature: -50 o C~+100 o C


      Probe temperature:


      Operating/Storage Temperature: -40 o C to +177 o C Extension Cable Temperature: Operating/Storage Temperature: -40 o C to +177 o C


       Humidity: 100% non-condensing




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