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công tắc báo mức float switch Tianen TEK-1 cable float switch, float level controller

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  • Mã sản phẩm: Tianen TEK-1

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    【Name】:  Tianen instrument TEK-1 float control switch  

    [Specifications]: TEK-1 2 meters 3 meters 4 meters 5 meters 10 meters (including the total length of the float)

    Rated current and voltage: 10 (8A) 250V ~ 10 (4A) 380V

     (For safety reasons, it is recommended to use the working voltage DC24V)

    Working temperature: -10 ℃ ~ 60 ℃ ( plastic )

    Control range: ≥0.2m

    Working life: ≥50000

    【Heavy hammer installation method】

    1. After passingthe cable ofthe TEK float switch from the round hole in the center of the weight, please pay attention to separate the four holes with holes in the weight

       A small card closely, gently push the weight you want in a fixed position,

    2 ,the weight on the plastic ring as long as the tapped i.e. not slip, in use, preferably a copper wire or other thing and then, the weight

       The hammer is fixed on the cable (the upper and lower ends are stuck) or on the inner wall of the container to prevent the heavy hammer from sliding and affecting the control of the water level.

      Please pull the cable directly to the control box, try to avoid using the middle connector; if there is a connector, it is absolutely not allowed

       Immerse the cable connector in liquid!

    Performance characteristics 

    1. The "TEK-1" float control switch is a switch that can adjust the liquid level in the barrel-tank or well. It can be adjusted automatically-easy

    Operation-easy to install-safe and reliable-maintenance-free-non-toxic recycling renewable environmentally friendly float switch for water control and drainage

    control. It has resistance to sewage, and is widely used in household-factory and mine pools-oil-acid and alkali pools-barrels-tanks-tanks, etc.

    In the device. If two controllers are connected. One is placed in the water tower and the other is placed in the well to control the pump, which can prevent the water source from

    Open the pump enough to damage the pump equipment; three controllers can also be connected in series, one to the water tower, the other to the filter tank and one

    It can be controlled at the same time when it is put into river water (well), which can prevent the pump equipment from being damaged due to insufficient water source to open the pump;

    The controllers are connected in series, and one is put into the river water (well) to control two pump equipments simultaneously.

    2. Installation and wiring methods:
    Use yellow and black wires:
        When the float is in the lower liquid level, the contact is connected.
        When the float is at the upper liquid level, the contact is not connected.
    Use blue and black wires:
        When the float is at the upper liquid level, the contact is in the connected state.
        When the float is at the lower liquid level, the contact is not connected.



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