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Đồng hồ đo nhiệt độ máy biến áp lực, Hangzhou Beyand BWY(WTYK)-803TH, BWY(WTYK)-803ATH, BWY-803A, BWY(WTYK)-802ATH, BWY-802A

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  • Mã sản phẩm: BWY(WTYK)-803ATH, BWY-803A, BWY(WTYK)-802ATH, BWY-802A
  • Đồng hồ đo nhiệt độ máy biến áp lực, Hangzhou Beyand  BWY(WTYK)-803TH, BWY(WTYK)-803ATH, BWY-803A,  BWY(WTYK)-802ATH, BWY-802A, BWY(WTYK)-802TH, BWY-802

    Tình trạng sản phẩm:

    BWY (WTYK) —803, 802 series pressure type temperature indicator controller (hereinafter referred to as temperature controller) is mainly designed for measuring and controlling the oil temperature of large power transformers, and it is also used for temperature detection and control of other equipment.
    This series thermostat has good protection performance and can work normally for a long time under outdoor conditions. There are two or three sets of large-capacity temperature control switches inside the instrument, which can be used for the startup, shutdown and signal alarm of the transformer cooling system, meanwhile, the temperature signal can be transmitted to the control center remotely, and the transformer oil temperature can be displayed synchronously.

    Serial number Model and name The main purpose Applications
    1 BWY (WTYK) —803,
    802 Thermostat
    Measure the oil temperature at the top of the transformer and start, shut off the cooling system and send an alarm signal when the temperature reaches the set value 1000kVA and above
    2 BWY (WTYK) —803,
    802 (TH) Thermostat
    Same as 1
    And suitable for wet tropical occasions
    Above transformer
    3 BWY (WTYK) —803,
    802 (TH) Thermostat
    Same as 2; and adopts composite temperature sensor technology, which
     can simultaneously output Pt100 thermal resistance signal
    Above transformer
    4 XMT
    Digital display temperature controller
    It is matched with BWY (WTYK) —803, 802A to
    realize oil temperature telemetry remote control.
     Can also output standard signals connected to a computer
    Above transformer
    5 BWY (WTYK) —803, 802A / XMT Thermostat
    Same as 3, 4 etc. can be replaced at the same time
    1) WTZK—02 Thermostat
     2) Resistance thermometer
     3) Transfer switch
     4) Single meter such as XCT or XMT
    5) Transmitter
    Transformers above 8000kVA or unattended substations
    Second, the main technical parameters
    (A) BWY (WTYK)-803, 802
             1. Normal working conditions: ambient temperature -20 ℃ ~ + 55 ℃
                                           Relative humidity 5% ~ 95%
             2. Measuring range: (0-100) ° C (0-120) ° C (0-150) ° C
             3. Indication degree: 1.5
             4. Temperature measurement components: The outer size of the temperature package (Φ14 × 150) mm, the material is stainless steel, and the mounting thread is M27 × 2
             5. Switching performance: Setting range: full range Setting degree: ± 3 ° C Switching difference: (6 ± 2) ° C
                      Rated power: AC 250V 3A DC 250V 50W
                      Standard set point: 803 K1 = 55 ℃ K2 = 65 ℃ K3 = 80 ℃   
                                    802 K1 = 55 ℃ K2 = 80 ℃
             6. Instrument installation size: compatible with WTYK-02.
            (3) BWY (WTYK) —803, 802A (TH)
          Same as above, with Pt 100 platinum resistance output. 





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