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  • Mã sản phẩm: DH-SA,DH-T-S,DH-S, DH-X
    • This product is suitable for detecting the slippage between the belt and the main roller during the operation of the belt conveyor to prevent the vicious accident caused by the slippage.
      First, the main structure and characteristics
      1, the product by the sensor head and the control box, the control box by the circuit board, panel, a display
      , a micro-contact switch and terminal components.
      2. A control box can detect the speed of two tapes.
      (Note: You need to purchase another sensor head to realize this function.)
      3. If you use one detection circuit, you can short the terminals 8 and 11 to achieve two outputs.
      Second, installation instructions
      The control box of this product should be installed on the belt conveyor frame or on the wall near the monitoring head (not more than 100 meters). The sensor head is installed on the belt under the belt conveyor and the belt runs smoothly. The sensor head is installed in contact type and non-contact type.

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    • 3. Technical indicators
      ● Testing belt speed range: 0 ~ 999 rpm / min ● Power consumption of the whole machine: 10W
      ● Working voltage: AC 220V 50HZ ● Contact capacity: 24 ~ 380V
      4. Working principle
      During the work of this product, When the power is turned on, the working lights 1 and 2 are turned on after a delay of 10 seconds. The relay does not operate. After the delay, the two speed sensors detect the speed signal, and then enter the control box. The belt speed sending display is also compared with the preset belt speed. When the belt speed is lower than the set value, the controller displays the belt speed and makes the corresponding relay send a signal. The belt slips; conversely, when the actual belt speed is higher than the set value, the controller enters normal work, and the corresponding indicator (green) lights up. The relay is released. Two output
      V. maintenance and repair
      When the controller is powered on, it enters the normal working state. When the programming key is pressed, it enters the programming state. At this time, the indicator on the left side of the panel shows the lowest bit flashing. This is to enter the modification state. Press the ↑ key to modify the position, and press the ← flashing bit to move to the left. The moving process is cyclic shift, and the modified value is 0 → 9 cyclic addition. After the modification is completed, the programming key must be pressed. This value is memorized by the microcomputer and at the same time enters another way to modify the set value. In the programming state, press the select key to enter the normal working state. In the normal working state, press the selection key to display the display of the other speed. (The power supply of the device should be synchronized with the belt conveyor. If no signal is detected within eight seconds after the device is powered on, it indicates slippage, otherwise a signal is detected and enters the normal start-up procedure to adapt. When the belt speed is greater than the set value, it enters the normal working state (If long-term electrification is required, the equipment contacts should be shielded in the program control room when the belt is started.)
      (1) To ensure the reliable operation of the detector, the controller only displays the belt speed when the detector is connected to the power, and does not perform any processing. When running to normal speed, the work will be delayed. So don't test it after power on.
      (2) The internal detection and control circuits of the detector are all integrated circuits, which greatly improves the detection accuracy and reliability of the detector, but it must work within the technical parameters during use.
      (3) Regularly check the mounting screws of the sensor head, and there must be no looseness.



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